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The core business of Kee Huat Group is focused on the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of quality home appliances in Malaysia. The Group first started 80 years ago in Penang and today has its head office in Petaling Jaya and branch offices in Johor Bahru and Penang.

Kee Huat's manufacturing plant, Kee Huat Industries Bhd, is located on 6 acres in Shah Alam, Selangor. From this plant, Kee Huat produces a full range of high quality free-standing cookers and ovens designed for the discerning housewife.

Product Innovation
Many product features were put through in-house Research & Development to adapt them into unique features for the Malaysian market. One such example is its popular gas fuelled 'Ultra Jet' burners used as the main burner in its entire range of free-standing cookers.

These Ultra Jet burners with its unique 4 rings of flame combustion (normal available burners range from 1 to 3 rings of flame combustion only) provide a heat capacity of nearly 5 kW and is currently the strongest available in any free-standing cooker in Malaysia. Kee Huat not only develops product features for the needs of the local housewives but also develops innovative products which were the first in the market like our leading Europa 'OvenMate' oven.

This is a full size free-standing electric oven with Jet Cook system and which uses normal 13 Amps electric supply. The Jet Cook system allows the housewife to choose from 5 different cooking functions ranging from traditional cooking to the fan-enhanced option. A versatile electric oven which is much needed by the Malaysian housewife and made available by Kee Huat when the product was launched 16 years ago.

Keeping ahead in Research & Development has kept Kee Huat in a leading position for the manufacture of gas cookers and ovens for the Malaysian market.

Quality Control
The company has stringent quality control systems and even ensures the finished product is of the highest quality by having its own enamel plant.

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